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    Digital Marketing & Social Media Intern

    Paperchain is the easiest and fastest way for creators to access their streaming revenue. We’re creating the future of media payments through our unique learning model that prices media streaming activity in near real-time and data integrations with the world’s largest streaming services, such as Spotify, Apple and YouTube. Paperchain is currently looking to fill a Summer Digital Marketing & Social Media intern position. This is a paid internship ($15/hour).
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    Paperchain is live! We’re advancing digital streaming revenues to artists, record labels and distributors.

    We’re excited to announce that Paperchain has launched a digital streaming revenue advance product for its artists, record label and distribution customers. COVID-19 has devastated large parts of the music industry. With revenue from live concerts and synch gone, digital streaming revenues are now the primary source of revenue. Paperchain is the fastest and easiest way for artists and creators to access streaming revenue, accelerated payments by at least 2 months than traditional pay cycles and at a fraction of the cost of traditional advance and loan products.
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    Beyond Black Out Tuesday: How We Can Support Change

    Some expansion on this tweet👇🏾. For those who need tomorrow as rest and regathering, it’s on allies to shoulder the responsibility and work. There is work for us to do beyond hashtag and solidarity. We are a company that works largely with black artists and leaders in the music industry. But when they see who is building Paperchain, do they see themselves represented? When our users and friends look to our investors, advisors and mentors, do they see themselves?
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    How Paperchain Works Remote: Our guide to remote working

    On Mar 21 I created a new page in our company wiki called “How we work remote”. This was the opening note I shared with my team.

    We had already began limited office hours in New York, and at the time New York was discussing a wider lockdown. While we had been a distributed team, with people in New York, Berlin, and India, now we were fully distributed even within New York. The Paperchain team works from Manhattan, Staten Island, Long Island, Poconos, Berlin and Delhi.

    This guide is a work in progress as we refine our remote work practices.

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    Paperchain Product Update - March 23, 2020

    Latest Paperchain updates from the product team.