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    Paperchain Listens, February 2017

    Check out the music the Paperchain team were going through in February. Follow us on Spotify and listen to the tracks below. New LA (feat. Anderson. Paak & King Mez), SiR Mirror, Public Memory Love’s Refrain, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma Virgo, Wayne Shorter Deep Shelter, Noveller New Beyond, Isotope 217 Jupiters, Four Tet Nuclear War, Sun Ra Sleeper, Snarky Puppy 1612, Vulfpeck Two Moons, toe Warning, Incubus Renegades of Funk, Rage Against the Machine
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    Announcing Paperchain—Utilising the blockchain to standardise and validate song metadata

    One of the most feverous conversations happening around digital music is the ability for artists to maintain ownership and attribution for their work. It’s no surprise that blockchain technology—in particular Ethereum, with its use of smart contracts—has driven a surge in music technology startups attempting to solve this problem.

    Everyday we’re reading about startups coming up with wonderfully creative applications of the technology in order to solve a similar pain point.