A recent fundraising guide was published that promised All the Venture Capital & Fundraising Bloggers You Should Be Following.

On the back of that, we decided to publish our own list of female Venture Capitalists, Fundraisers and Angel Investors you need to be following. Each of them offer deep insights into the world of startups, fundraising and board management.

This list is not exhaustive and if it is of any value to other startups or entrepreneurs, we are happy to update this with suggestions. We have linked to the person’s Company Website, Linkedin profile, Twitter account, Medium pages, and Angel.co profile where we have been able to find live links.

Aileen Lee, LinkedinTwitterMediumAngel.coWebsite

Amy Millman, LinkedinTwitterMediumAngel.coWebsite

Anu Duggal, LinkedinTwitterMediumAngel.coWebsite

Arlan Hamilton, LinkedinTwitterAngel.coWebsite

Casey Taylor, LinkedinTwitterMediumWebsite

Christine Herron, LinkedinTwitterMediumAngel.coWebsite

Christine Tsai, LinkedinTwitterMediumWebsite

Cindy Padnos, LinkedinTwitterMediumAngel.coWebsite

Dana Settle, LinkedinTwitterAngel.coWebsite

Dayna Grayson, LinkedinTwitterMediumAngel.coWebsite

Diane Henry, LinkedinWebsite

Elisa Schembari, LinkedinTwitterMediumWebsite

Eloise Watson, LinkedinTwitterMediumWebsite

Eurie Kim, LinkedinTwitterMediumAngel.coWebsite

Jalak Jobanputra, LinkedinTwitterMediumAngel.coWebsite

Joanne Wilson, LinkedinTwitterMediumAngel.coWebsite

Jodi Jahic, LinkedinTwitterMediumAngel.coWebsite

Kerry Rupp, LinkedinTwitterMediumWebsite

Kesha Cash, LinkedinTwitterWebsite

Lauren Kolodny, LinkedinTwitterMediumAngel.coWebsite

Lisa Calhoun, LinkedinTwitterMediumAngel.coWebsite

Maha Ibrahim, LinkedinTwitterMediumAngel.coWebsite

Melissa Widner, LinkedinTwitterAngel.coWebsite

Mellie Price, LinkedinTwitterAngel.coWebsite

Monique Woodard, LinkedinTwitterMediumAngel.coWebsite

Patricia Nakache, LinkedinTwitterMediumAngel.coWebsite

Rachael Neumann, LinkedinTwitterMediumAngel.co

Rebeca Hwang, LinkedinTwitterAngel.coWebsite

Renee DiResta, LinkedinTwitterMediumAngel.coWebsite

Samantha Wong, LinkedinTwitterMediumWebsite

Sarah Guo, LinkedinTwitterMediumWebsite

Shadi Mehraein, LinkedinTwitterMediumAngel.coWebsite

Shelley Zhuang, LinkedinAngel.coWebsite

Stefanie Thomas, LinkedinWebsite

Susan Lyne, LinkedinTwitterMediumAngel.coWebsite

Susan Wu, LinkedinTwitterMediumAngel.co

Sutian Dong, LinkedinTwitterMediumAngel.coWebsite

Are we missing someone?

Contact us on Twitter, Linkedin or email (info [at] paperchain [dot] io) and we will update our list.

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