Share Of Revenue Music Streamers Paid Licensing Orgs Fell 27% In 2016, Says New Study
Music streaming revenue jumped $56.% in 2016. Subscription revenue grew 93% and captured 61.9% of market revenue (U.S.) in 2016, while ad billings ramped 19.5%, to $1.7 billion. Revenue may be growing, but the percentage of it passed on to creators is dropping. An estimated 34.8% of total streaming music service revenues went to licensing organizations in 2016, compared to 47.8% in 2015. That’s a decline of 27%. Read more

Facebook Set To Challenge Youtube And Spotify With ‘Comprehensive Music Strategy’
Facebook is now recruiting for no less than three new senior music-focused roles at its US head office. Read more

Streaming Music Services, From Most Screwed To Least Screwed
Profitability, even for the biggest players, is still largely a pipe dream. As a result, it’s a game where only services with a lot of funding and a lot of users (Spotify), or a lot of backing by a parent company and a lot of users (Apple Music), are relatively safe. At least for now. But who is the most screwed? Who is just sort of screwed? Who has the best shot at surviving? Here is a ranking of streaming music companies, ranked from most to least screwed. Read more

The Complete List of Record Store Day Releases (Updated)
Over 500 artists have joined this year’s Record Store Day, scheduled for April 22nd. St. Vincent will hold the title for Record Store Day Ambassador. In 2009, Eagles of Death Metal’s Jesse Hughes created the title. Read more

How Discogs Dragged Record Collecting Into the 21st Century
In 2016 alone, their database grew by 12%, bringing their total number of listings up to over 8,000,000; it was also a record-breaking year for sales, with 6,691,144 vinyl records sold, and a 26% increase across formats. According to the company, some labels even refer to the company’s annual report to figure out what records from their catalog are worth repressing. Read more

PRS for Music and PPL launch joint initiative to link data sets
PPL and PRS for Music have piloted a first-of-its-kind initiative to link each other’s data sets, jointly creating a prototype search tool to improve identification of sound recordings and musical works and the links between them. Read more

Japan’s Recorded Music Business Grew Last Year (But Only Just)
Inclusive of downloads across audio and video, as well as subscription streaming, digital music generated 52.89bn Yen ($479m) in Japan last year – up 12.3% on 2015’s digital tally of 47.07bn Yen ($426m). Read more

What Sets the Music Streaming Services Apart?
he most significant factor that sets streaming services apart is the nature of their listeners. When differentiating between services, the LA Times article failed to acknowledge the audiences who are more inclined to listen to artists or different genres on one streaming service versus another. That’s because this type of insight is difficult to determine. For many, myself included, perhaps we listen to more than one streaming service for different reasons. Read more

Publishing Veteran Pelle Lidell Launches Ekko Music Rights Europe
Swedish music publishing veteran Pelle Lidell and his Norwegian business partner Robin Jenssen have launched EKKO Music Rights Europe – backed by powerful Korean music group SM Entertainment Co and its recently-launched sister company, CTGA Co Ltd. Read more

Spotify Finally Finds a Way to Lower Licensing Deals and Go Public
According to details tipped, the Swedish streamer would restrict the biggest album releases to only paid subscribers for a period of time. In turn, the major music companies have agreed to trim their licensing rates. Read more

Blockchain Design Principles
Currently, the IBM Blockchain Design Team is designing anything from supply chain flows to documentation, from open source developer tools to blockchain as a service. It’s the nature of the industry now: a mad dash to explore all possible applications of a technology with the potential to vastly reduce cost and inefficiency in areas like finance, healthcare, and government. Read more

Inside Chuck Berry And Pandora’s Genome Project Pandora’s Music Genome Project, a taxonomy of the musical characteristics of every song on Pandora, has catalogued the many traits in Berry’s songs. He was a dynamic male vocalist. His songs utilize repetitive melodic phrasing. Berry also uses extensive vamping, a term that describes short, repeating chord progressions. Read more