Paperchain founder Daniel Dewar was featured in Robert Levine’s latest Billboard article, “Death By a Thousand Papercuts: How Streaming Services Protect Themselves From Lawsuits by Burying the Copyright Office in Paperwork”.

Robert explores the challenges around the current administrative setup for streaming services paying mechanical royalties, and whether Spotify really can’t find Ed Sheeran.

In 2016, Daniel Dewar and a friend founded Paperchain, a company that planned to use Blockchain technology in order to more accurately allocate the mechanical royalties that on-demand streaming services like Spotify owe music publishers.

What he found was that, although streaming services aren’t doing a very good job of matching compositions with rightsholders, the number of NOIs don’t reflect the number of compositions for which rightsholders aren’t being paid.

But services also seem to be filing NOIs for compositions they’re also paying for: Although Spotify filed an NOI for Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect,” Sony/ATV Music Publishing confirmed that the service had been paying for its use of the song. “It’s a misnomer that Spotify can’t find Ed Sheeran,” Dewar says.

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