We’ve been quiet for some time and we wanted to give everyone a quick update on what we’ve been working on, particularly those who took part in in our black box royalties research.


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NOI Update

Earlier this year we presented some of our initial findings from our research into the Section 115 NOI filings with the US Copyright Office. Our full NOI whitepaper is currently being edited and updated to include the latest legislative developments in this space, and we will publish it soon. 

You can view our presentation from the Copyright & Technology Conference here. These initial findings were also discussed in a profile on Paperchain and the NOIs in Billboard.

As part of our work in this space we developed an asset management and NOI lookup tool to help us quickly analyze the data from the Copyright Office. While doing so we ran into a couple of business realities in that we never found a business model we were fully comfortable with (the idea of charging a % fee to repatriate owed monies never sat well) and with the Music Modernization Act picking up momentum that would remove the NOI licensing structure, we started to explore other opportunities where we can bring positive impact to the music and publishing industries.

Open-source NOI data

We’ve decided the best way to service the industry with our work so far is to open up our repositories for our NOI Lookup tool, as well as provide API access to our NOI database. 

While we continue to work with rights societies to help identify areas where current processes can be streamlined, we are also looking for industry partners to help us publish and manage the ongoing running of this initiative. If you are a developer or technology partner, please contact us to discuss.

More announcements to come on this as we prepare the code repositories for public access. 

What we’ve been working on

If you’ve been to paperchain.io lately, you will see that we’ve taken on a new challenge. The ebb and flow of media revenues and their effect on the working capital and cash flow challenges faced by music and media companies is something we are very excited about addressing.

At Paperchain we’ve always believed the true promise of blockchain technology is its ability to build stronger economic citizenship through more inclusive participation models. 

With emerging token economies, there is now a real opportunity to not only create liquid markets from traditionally illiquid assets (media consumption data), but also reduce transaction costs, significantly reducing the cost of capital.

Over the past few months, we’ve built a platform that allows media companies to tokenize their daily usage and sales data into assets that can be sold on a decentralized marketplace to a global network of buyers. This means sales revenue can now potentially be accessed daily, instead of waiting weeks, or even months to be access revenue.

paperchain marketplace graphic

The net effect is that media companies will now have easy, low-cost access to their existing revenue stream as an alternative to expensive credit or debt-based funding products and prohibitive advance-model funding on future earnings, or having to give up equity in their assets and or business. 

We are looking for more label, distributor and publisher partners to join our group of beta testers. If you would like to learn more about the beta program, please email hello@paperchain.io.

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