This was originally shared on the Paperchain Telegram group chat and we wanted to re-share for wider audiences.

A quick note.

We don’t update this group as much as we should. And don’t actively try to build it like we should. Will be very honest and say we are still working out the best channels for communications. We’re not like many other blockchain companies in that our immediate priority is not to build a token holder base (not yet anyway) and start out by selling a token before building a business. It will be some time before you hear about any token offering.

Our core focus is on client acquisition and solving problems for those clients. Behind the scenes we’re getting clients, putting the correct market marker partnerships in place and buys-sells are in the process of beginning. That day-in, day-out grind may not lend itself to constant community updates and we’re working out the priorities and balance at the moment.

But we hope we can keep you updated where possible and that you’re excited about participating in media markets when the time comes. Dan