paperchain techstars accelerator

We’re excited to share that Paperchain has been invited into the Techstars family, having been selected for the Alchemist Blockchain Techstars Accelerator, Techstars’ first dedicated blockchain accelerator.

The previous three years have seen no shortage of hype when it comes to blockchain technology. We’re excited to see that Techstars is investing in businesses, not hype.

Techstars has already had a profound impact on the business. That this post is coming five weeks into the program tells you that they’re working us hard and we’ve been barely able to come up for air.

Because of this rapid progress, we’re now opening up the Paperchain Beta Program for the Music Industry.

What does that mean?

Paperchain is on a mission to build a faster revenue recognition and payments model for the digital media industry.

  • We connect to trends and analytics APIs from DSPs and distributors
  • We use this data to provide a daily revenue dashboard. Not streams, but dollar value revenue.
  • Music companies have the option to advance any portion of their daily revenues immediately, shortening the pay cycle from DSPs and distributors to as little as one day
  • Unlike current solutions, Paperchain does not require you to give up ownership of assets or sign away future royalty income

Beta users will get early access to our daily revenue dashboard, and a select cohort can participate in initial advancing transactions.

Sounds great! What’s involved?

Participants will provide access to their trends and analytics data feeds directly from DSPs or from their distributors. Historical and ongoing data delivery is required. There is no cost to the first beta cohort to use the real-time revenue dashboard service. Revenue advancing is subject to separate and individual agreements.

Sign up on the Paperchain website or email