Valencia, Spain – Paperchain, the global music technology company providing data validation services to music copyright owners, has been invited by Wallifornia MusicTech to take part in its Acceleration & Invest Program, happening July 3 - 7 in Liege, Belgium.

The program is held just before the Les Ardentes Festival and is carried out by Leansquare. The five day program is designed to allow startups to develop a financing dossier and offers the potential to raise funds by presenting in front of a panel of investors.

Paperchain founder and CEO, Daniel Dewar, said the program will allow the company to solidify its business audience in Europe and drive greater awareness. “We’re coming out of a long period of information gathering, validation and early development, so Wallifornia MusicTech provides us with the ideal audience to showcase and validate our latest development iterations.”

Rahul Rumalla, co-founder and CTO at Paperchain, added, “Being a music and tech program, Wallifornia is a great opportunity to be among like-minded music tech entrepreneurs with the added bonus of interacting with established industry leaders and mentors. We are building our products for the industry after all.”

Program coaches and experts are from Leansquare, Music Tech Fest, NewCo, Sharebox, Armonia Online,, metaD, STHLM Music City, Musimap amony many others.

The program runs from July 03 to 07 in Liege, Belgium.


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About Paperchain

Founded in 2016, Paperchain empowers music copyright owners with products and services to solve the problem of unpaid royalties. With focus being on the convergence of copyrights, royalties, data and technology, Paperchain’s core product engine is Pura, a powerful technology platform that allows rightsowners to lookup and validate catalogues against industry databases, link composition rights data to master recording rights data, a searchable database for unpaid royalties, and a consolidated claims and rights registration process.