Paperchain Product Update - March 16, 2020.

Latest Paperchain updates from the product team.

New Sign-up & Sign-in Forms

We’ve continued development on our self-service Sign-Up and Sign-In process so we can open up platform access to all users on our waitlist. Users will be able to select their account type from ‘Artist’, ‘Record Label’ or ‘Distributor’. We will add more improvements to this in the coming weeks.

Paperchain Sign-In Form

Paperchain Sign-Up Form

Issuing Request for an Advance from the Dashboard

We’re testing the advance feature in the platform and making UX improvements during this testing. This feature will be rolled out to select users before being pushed out to all users across the platform.

Requesting an Advance from the Dashboard

Toggling DSPs in Revenue Timeline Chart & Table

We added a nifty feature where users can toggle the legend icons on their Revenue Timeline chart, where the table below is filtered to reflect the chart. This makes it very easy to compare and review selected DSPs revenues, streams, payout rate etc.

Revenue Timeline Table

Revenue Timeline Table (Filtered)

Subscription Pricing (Beta Plans)

We’re now starting to roll-out beta pricing plans for our users outside of their trial period. Users can find their current subscription plan details in Menu -> Settings -> Billing

Paperchain Subscription Plans - Beta