Beyond Black Out Tuesday: How We Can Support Change.

Some expansion on this tweet👇🏾.

For those who need tomorrow as rest and regathering, it’s on allies to shoulder the responsibility and work. There is work for us to do beyond hashtag and solidarity.

We are a company that works largely with black artists and leaders in the music industry. But when they see who is building Paperchain, do they see themselves represented? When our users and friends look to our investors, advisors and mentors, do they see themselves?

The success and value of this business relies upon black artistry. And while I believe if we do well, they will do well, is that enough? What role are we going to play in wealth-sharing? I think about this a lot. And tomorrow is a day for action.

Beyond donations, we can do our part in addressing the two main structural issues that have led us here: racism and the police. We need:

  1. Police hiring freezes
  2. Cancellation of cadet classes
  3. Budget cuts to police expansion into social activities
  4. Budget cuts to abusive policing
  5. Budget cuts to police PR/media services and surveillance infrastructure
  6. (In NY)#Repeal50A
  7. Legislation that forces reporting & recording of demographic & geographic data related to enforcement activities
  8. Strength Attorney General powers to investigate policing
  9. End marijuana prohibition

NYC Council people who need to hear these demands:

Here is more information on #NYCBudgetJustice campaign: Call NYS legislators & demand support for #Repeal50a campaign:

Here is a list of council people emails for outreach:

The activities in the United States over the past week by police has shown they are our largest gangs, our most violent gangsters. They do not protect. They do not serve. They are the strong-arms of incompetent, racist municipalities.

This is not a time for platitudes about tech coming to save the day. Tech built by racists is just racist tech. Denial is the heartbeat of racism. It can only be eradicated if we can name it. Identify it and destroy it.

To those in the streets doing the physical work of change—I’ve seen with my own eyes the work being done. You are being seen and heard. Here and abroad. No more black deaths. Reform now.

And as always, we acknowledge the traditional custodians of the lands on which these battles are happening, and we pay our respects to elders past and present, as well as emerging elders in those communities.