Paperchain is live! We’re advancing digital streaming revenues to artists, record labels and distributors..

We’re excited to announce that Paperchain has launched a digital streaming revenue advance product for its artists, record label and distribution customers.

COVID-19 has devastated large parts of the music industry. With revenue from live concerts and synch gone, digital streaming revenues are now the primary source of revenue.

Paperchain is the fastest and easiest way for artists and creators to access streaming revenue, accelerated payments by at least 2 months than traditional pay cycles and at a fraction of the cost of traditional advance and loan products.

Through simple API connections to your streaming platforms, we predict daily stream revenue based on your actual stream amounts and historical statement data.

See your streaming revenue in the Paperchain app, understand your near-real-time sales across your entire catalog and access any of your revenue immediately.

paperchain music streaming app

Since our pilot transaction at the end of 2019, we’ve enhanced our data models and data integrations.

We’re now tracking almost $6 million in annual digital revenue across 5,500 labels and nearly 30,000 artists.

We have direct integrations with Spotify, Apple, and YouTube, and through our data integrations with Merlin and FUGA, we also track data for Deezer, SoundCloud, Pandora, TIDAL, Amazon, and Google Play.

We invite record labels, distributors and artists with direct DSP deals or deals via Merlin to create an account, connect your data and start advancing.**