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    How We Worked With Centrifuge And The Maker Foundation To Advance $60,000 Worth Of Spotify Revenue

    At DeFi Summit London, Paperchain & Centrifuge leveraged funding from the Maker Foundation, one of the teams contributing to the Maker Protocol, a decentralized finance protocol, to advance US$60,035 in Spotify revenue to a Paperchain record label customer.

    Author: David Gogel (Paperchain)
    Editor: Daniel Dewar (Paperchain)

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    Paperchain, Centrifuge, Maker Foundation Perform World First, Real-Time Advance of $60,000 USD in Spotify Revenue Using Decentralized Finance

    • At DeFi Summit London, Paperchain and Centrifuge leveraged decentralized finance protocols to advance $60,000 USD in Spotify revenue to a Paperchain record label customer;
    • While media consumption has shifted to streaming and on demand models, the revenue and payments process hasn’t changed;
    • Revenue from a Spotify stream can take 3 months to reach a record label; 6 months to reach an artist. $100 billion USD sits trapped in 90 day accounts receivables across the wider digital media industry;
    • The advance was issued live on stage using Centrifuge’ Tinlake finance application, and was originated in less than 30 minutes at a transaction cost of less than $3 USD;
    • Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has the potential to disrupt traditional financing and secured lending products through programmatic, data-driven asset creation, and low origination costs;