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    Listen now — Paperchain founder Daniel Dewar interviewed on The Future of What podcast

    On the latest episode of The Future of What podcast, Paperchain founder Daniel Dewar talks with Music Biz Association’s Portia Sabin about our effort to speed up payments to labels and artists.

    Listen on Spotify or listen here where all good podcasts are available.

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    Paperchain, Centrifuge, Maker Foundation Perform World First, Real-Time Advance of $60,000 USD in Spotify Revenue Using Decentralized Finance

    • At DeFi Summit London, Paperchain and Centrifuge leveraged decentralized finance protocols to advance $60,000 USD in Spotify revenue to a Paperchain record label customer;
    • While media consumption has shifted to streaming and on demand models, the revenue and payments process hasn’t changed;
    • Revenue from a Spotify stream can take 3 months to reach a record label; 6 months to reach an artist. $100 billion USD sits trapped in 90 day accounts receivables across the wider digital media industry;
    • The advance was issued live on stage using Centrifuge’ Tinlake finance application, and was originated in less than 30 minutes at a transaction cost of less than $3 USD;
    • Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has the potential to disrupt traditional financing and secured lending products through programmatic, data-driven asset creation, and low origination costs;